Of Crepes and Awesome

The epic blogging experience

I dont even know what this is because i am super tired…

I have no idea what will happen, but I am writing a post at 12:32 am due to my inability to fall asleep and my refusal to let this blog die so early.

I have nothing to write about and it is late, so prepare for something that will likely be weird.

I had to actually clean my room today because my mom had people over. So now its clean and it feels weird. I also taped all my art back up on my walls, see:

Oh, nevermind, wordpress doesn’t like my ipad so i cant put in pictures. I just realized autocorrect is off so my “i”s don’t capitalize and cant doesn’t get apostrophized. And that should totally be a word. My arm hurts. Even though I am not even being coherent i am still putting two spaces after my periods. Cuz im awesome like that. And crepey. I dont even know what im talking about. Jist… Dont die blog, okay?

I wrote a lot so that is why i will have a new paragraph. This probably makes no sense at all cuz im not even looking at my speelling anymore and i dont want to change it even if i do and its wrong. Bit it probably is wrong. Very wrong. I should read this to morrow and see if it makes any sense at all. I dant even…. Pie. Ig is good. If this is dumb sorry but im really tired and… I forgot what i was going to say.

But none of this matters because only one person even reads my k blog. Im sorry alyona. I will analyse this tomaorrow and see if i can explain my self but hrig. Hrig. It soungds like anommmmm…. I probably dont make any sense at all. I am not coherent. I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU ARE READING THIS. WELL YOU ARENT QUITE YET ANYWAYS BUT STILL OHcaps lock was o n sorry about that , i like the letter s and this whole paragraph is proboably just one big runon sentence.

If you didnt knoew i was 13 you might think i was drunk probably but i zam thirteen and im just really tired. So so tired. Noew that i have been completely weird i think i even said the word crepey somewhere in there i might be able to sleep a little. Or a lot. I jave school tomorrow. Crap. See you there alyona.

Ill just post it now even though ill probably be ashamed later.




Well, it’s tomorrow. I feel like an idiot. I’ll probably post later and explain myself but now I do have school so just enjoy all of my confusing misspellings.


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  1. Well I guess that’s the way life is somedays. You do things you don’t really understand and there is no purpose that is being served. Life will be like that hannah somedays.

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